Bizfss features

Client Support

Support Windows (all flavors), MAC, and iOS/Android access.

PC Sync as desktop/laptop working environment replicator

Easily Sync any folders among all devices to replicate working environment.

PC Migration

Easily migrate documents, photos, music and any selected folder to new PCs, even Windows to MAC or MAC to Windows.

Group Sync and Collaboration Support

Group folder automatically synced and shared among group members.

Time of point restore, automatic restore to new PC.

Restore folder content to any specific time point. Automatically restore to new PC with same user account.

Mobile Device Support

iOS/Android support for viewing, downloading etc...


Superior upload and download performance, incremental, CDP, data deduplication, network, disk I/O and CPU throttling.

Upload/Backup Frequency

Real time CDP with auto managed change interval.


Unlimited users (horizontally scalable), unlimited file numbers, unlimited file size, unlimited storage.


448 bit end to end encryption. HTTPs transmission, Remote wipe and lock, access auditing, Admin controlled sharing. AD/LDAP/office 365 integration. Self-controlled backend storage (BYOC capability)

User/Administrator Experience

Automatic and silent, Self-served one click restore, in place restore or download to specified locations, point-in-time restore, and care-free backup/restore process. Centralized management control for groups. Admin controlled data sets, automatic software upgrade.

Public Cloud Integration

Support most public storage interface S3, Azure, Google/Google near line, Aliyun and all S3 and OpenSwift compatible storage.

Resiliency and Storage Efficiency

Compression and Global de-duplication. HA-configurations for all deployments.

Data Governance

Audit trail, legal hold, API support for integrations.


Extremely flexible deployment models that support public, private deployment, on-premises deployments and hybrid deployments.