What is Bizfss?

Bizfss is a SaaS platform for enterprise-class file sync, share and end point backup. Bizfss is also an ideal FSS and backup solution that allows any business, or families to create groups with their own public or private cloud storage at low cost.

Who should use Bizfss?

Bizfss does not intend to replace Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and other popular services, instead, Bizfss targets users with specific needs:
  • First, Bizfss is ideal for businesses that need private SaaS deployments for cloud sync, share, collaboration and backup. Bizfss's multi-group feature is especially critical for businesses that need to share and transfer data among multiple sites or countries.
  • Second, Bizfss's public SaaS intends to provide a much less expensive alternative for businesses and families.
  • Third, Bizfss is ideal for users who have very large number of files to be synced or backed up on cloud. Most popular services do not handle large number of files and large amount of data well.

    Why is Bizfss public SaaS more cost effective than other public services?

  • Bizfss public SaaS is free to use, you bring your own cloud storage from AWS, Azure or Google for as little as 1 cent per GB per month.
  • Instead of prepaying for fixed amount of storage you may not use, you pay for what you actually use to Amazon/Microsoft/Google as you go.
  • Most service charge users by number of devices, the average charge is $50-$100/year per computer, and you never get "unlimited storage" as advertised. For $100/year, you can cover as many computers as you want and store 1 TB data with Bizfss. You save even more with Bizfss de-duplication and compression.

    Should users be concerned that Bizfss could disappear?

    Customers are encouraged to bring their own storage, Bizfss service is run at almost zero cost, we will not run out of money and disappear. We plan to be there for long haul. Your data is always on your own storage. We only charge for re-branded or dedicated deployments.

    What are the differences between Bizfss and Dropbox to end users?

    Dropbox is the best at synchronizing files among devices and making the files accessible from any devices. Bizfss client has a dedicated folder that works just like a Dropbox folder but allows users to automatically sync any folder (multi-dropboxes). Bizfss client also allows users to migrate or restore synced files to a new PC easily, which is essentially iCloud feature for your photos, music, documents on your laptops and desktops. Bizfss client also has full-fledged backup features such as file versioning, deleted file restore, complete folder download or restore.

    What Operating Systems does Bizfss support?

    Bizfss supports Window XP/Vista/7/8.x/10, OS X. Bizfss also has iOS and Android apps for cloud file access.

    What cloud storage does Bizfss support?

    Bizfss supports Amazon S3, Google storage (including Google nearline storage), Microsoft Azure and any S3 compatible object storage systems, and OpenStack Swift storage will be supported soon.

    With Bizfss, you can build your own cloud sync and backup using storage like Google nearline at very low cost.

    How secure is Bizfss?

    Bizfss is designed with multiple layers of protection, including secure data transfer, encryption, network configuration, secure infrastructure. Bizfss encrypts files with a very strong 448-bit encryption algorithm before they are transmitted to cloud via SSL and the files stay encrypted on the cloud. Unlike many other cloud storage services, Bizfss encrypts each user's data with a unique encryption key.

    You gain another layer of security when you bring your own storage to use Bizfss, you can lock down access to your data from your storage account any time when there is suspicious access.

    How do the Bizfss group plans work?

    Bizfss allows organizations to sign up as groups using their own storage for free. Bizfss also provides storage (Amazon S3 by default) at low cost for those who do not want to manage their own AWS/AZURE/GOOGLE storage accounts. White labeling is available for extra fees.

    How do I deploy a private deployment of Bizfss?

    Bizfss is designed with extreme deployment flexibility. We can deploy white labeled Bizfss for you within your company's firewall or on a public cloud infrastructure.

  • Self managed deployment on a public cloud, you create an AWS/Azure/Google account, we deploy the app for you.
  • Bizfss managed deployment, you create an AWS/Azure/Google account and set up the billing. We deploy and manage the app for you.
  • On-premise deployment, we will work with you to deploy the app on your own hardware. You will manage the deployment with our support.

    How does Bizfss perform against other cloud services?

    Our stress test with large number of files indicates that Bizfss is 2-6 times faster than all the well-known names. Contact us for more information about our test data and methods or try for yourself. Also, Bizfss does not impose size limit on files and handles large files extremely efficiently.

    Bizfss is especially good for organizations that need to share and transfer large amount of data among different sites.